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“Old Star”, the new offering by Darkthrone presents itself as a reassuring expansion of the style they have been forging since their 2013 record “The Underground Resistance”, with plenty of homages paid to Heavy, Thrash, Doom and Speed Metal heroes from the eighties mixed with Black Metal inspired by early Celtic Frost. This recipe might sound corny on paper for a band with the past of Darkthrone but nonetheless they managed to create a renewed niche for themselves and they became masters at it. We would certainly recommend this for headbangers into all forms of eighties harder side of metal. The tone on this record seems to be more serious and darker than on its predecessors, it is Black Metal-content rich courtesy of Nocturno Culto’s riffs and excellent vocal delivery. Don’t expect this to be similar to anything released between “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” and “Panzerfaust”, say, if you liked “Total Death” and “Arctic Thunder” this one is recommended for you. Excellent cover art too.
Available on slipcase CD and limited edition white vinyl via
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