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Niden Div. 187 “Impergium/Towards Judgement” Limited double CD box set

Just like the mighty power that shaped the eternal shadow of death in Hiroshima 1945 this collection of odes to the monument of human charisma and decay will once againilluminate the unsuspecting and frail victim that the current “extreme” metal scene is.

Niden Div. 187 remains etched in the collective memory of those who celebrate the unapologetic nature of the late 90ties Swedish death/black metal underground. Their campaign took place at a time when Sweden stood obsessed, possessed and focused, in stark contrast to the confusion and evident greed that by then started to be so apparent in the works of the vast majority of their Norwegian neighbours.                    

After unleashing their two nihilistic manifestos the band realized their mission was fully accomplished and thus decided to cease all activities without further notice.

This ultimate reissue is a limited edition of 500 numbered copies housed in a deluxe clam shell box that contains the complete horror of times past including the “Impergium” album on CD1 and two different versions of “Towards Judgement”: the  original demo mix and the mcd remix put together for the first time ever on CD2. The package features all the original atrocities enhanced with unrelesed pictures, expanded imagery, liner notes and a poster, all carefully designed and revamped by HeresieGraphics.                                                                                  

What one man can create another shall destroy!

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The forthcoming new TEITANBLOOD album, “The Baneful Choir”, and concept related official merchandise
featuring designs by Dávid Glomba can be pre-ordered now via the links below.
Shipping starts on the 18th of October 2019.
Pre-order “The Baneful Choir”:

Pre-order “The Baneful Choir” merchandise.

Additional exclusive items related to this release can be found at Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

“The Blazing Iniquity” by LVME is officially out and can be directly ordered on CD/LP formats.
To celebrate the release we printed a limited run of t-shirts, they start shipping on the 18th of October.

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ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD “Worlds Open, Worlds Collide” 2018 + “One Tail, One Head” 2011What we present this week is the ass kicking debut album by one of the biggest names in the scene and ministers of Nidrosian Black Metal. As expected it delivers the goods and then some… If you fancy Black Metal in the vein of Dodheimsgard´s “Kronet til Konge” (that cool bass and guitar melodies!), early Enslaved, certain Gorgoroth´s elements, first Watain´s album, you will enjoy the ride. The Punk Rock element ever haunting the original scene and its originators (Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory) is still very present here. The great thing about this band is the way they manage to melt all those influences and make them their own creating something very unique as a result. One of the best releases of the last year. In addition to this we also brought the reprint of the well-received compilation from 2011, it contains bothEPs they released during the aforementioned year. Highly recommended stuff in the vein of Craft, Carpathian Forest, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Venom and Celtic Frost. 
LP/CD available at

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LICE – “Woe Betide You”

Our die-hard edition of the venomous psalms by LICE also known as “Woe Betide You” starts shipping tomorrow morning
This edition is limited to 100 classic black LP´s that will exclusively include the following items: 
a 60x60cms poster of the breath-taking cover art created by Timo Ketola, a magnetic bottle opener and a sticker.
Even though it´s been publicized that some of the members of LICE are also members of SHINING and TEITANBLOOD, 
we recommend to face this album anew, leaving such distractions out as they are irrelevant to the sights you are about to discover. 
Let the vile melodies and poisonous chants of “Woe Betide You” fill your vessels with the everlasting wisdom of the murderer´s knife.