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LICE – “Woe Betide You”

Our die-hard edition of the venomous psalms by LICE also known as “Woe Betide You” starts shipping tomorrow morning
This edition is limited to 100 classic black LP´s that will exclusively include the following items: 
a 60x60cms poster of the breath-taking cover art created by Timo Ketola, a magnetic bottle opener and a sticker.
Even though it´s been publicized that some of the members of LICE are also members of SHINING and TEITANBLOOD, 
we recommend to face this album anew, leaving such distractions out as they are irrelevant to the sights you are about to discover. 
Let the vile melodies and poisonous chants of “Woe Betide You” fill your vessels with the everlasting wisdom of the murderer´s knife.