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Niden Div. 187 “Impergium/Towards Judgement” Limited double CD box set

Just like the mighty power that shaped the eternal shadow of death in Hiroshima 1945 this collection of odes to the monument of human charisma and decay will once againilluminate the unsuspecting and frail victim that the current “extreme” metal scene is.

Niden Div. 187 remains etched in the collective memory of those who celebrate the unapologetic nature of the late 90ties Swedish death/black metal underground. Their campaign took place at a time when Sweden stood obsessed, possessed and focused, in stark contrast to the confusion and evident greed that by then started to be so apparent in the works of the vast majority of their Norwegian neighbours.                    

After unleashing their two nihilistic manifestos the band realized their mission was fully accomplished and thus decided to cease all activities without further notice.

This ultimate reissue is a limited edition of 500 numbered copies housed in a deluxe clam shell box that contains the complete horror of times past including the “Impergium” album on CD1 and two different versions of “Towards Judgement”: the  original demo mix and the mcd remix put together for the first time ever on CD2. The package features all the original atrocities enhanced with unrelesed pictures, expanded imagery, liner notes and a poster, all carefully designed and revamped by HeresieGraphics.                                                                                  

What one man can create another shall destroy!

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